Zanafi Tapijt

Moroccan hand knotted Zanafi rug ,Zanafi carpets are hand knotted from un-dyed natural 100% wool and traditionally decorated with Berber designs an amazing and warm and full of the hertiage of vintage handmade Zanafi carpets , with an stuning different patterns , Each Zanafi rug is made with passion of Moroccan hertiage that are shown in the design . Zanafi made by 100% Wool This beautiful handmade Zanafi rugs are hand knotted in the Moroccan Region Of moutains . It was woven in double-knots by the indigenous women . This large rug collection is made by100% hand woven sheep organic wool. This high quality wool makes a soft and stunning rugs. Zanafi rugs considered to be part of Mororccan and Africans style , you can use or put this carpet in your home decor design , it will add ana amazing charming to your place .

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